Quality policy

TECOMET Srl intends to occupy a competitive position in the sector in which it operates, metallic carpentry for civil and industrial use, through a competent, reliable company organization and a more complete offer of products and services, without excluding any possibility of expansion of the reference market.

The Management of TECOMET Srl has decided to implement and maintain a Quality Management System as a central tool of its development policies, to meet the requirements, demands and in general the expectations of the parties involved in business activity:

the Customer, through the quality of the products and services provided and delivered which allows for the loyalty and acquisition of new customers.
staff, through involvement and targeted preparation, giving the opportunity to express individual potentials and employment stability, also to improve communications, professionalism and, above all, motivation.
Suppliers, through transparent and correct relationships that bring mutual benefits.
Property, through proper business profitability and awareness of the social role arising from a seriously conducted business.

Faced with an increasingly complex competitive framework, where the main directives are represented by:

  • customers particularly attentive to the price/quality ratio and to the aspects related to the good development of structures,
  • increase in companies operating in our sector with the predictable lowering of costs,
  • maintaining a significant market reputation in terms of quality of the Product/service provided,

the strategies the company intends to pursue in the coming years, as a reference framework for the subsequent definition of company objectives, thus include:

  • compliance with the laws, regulations and other applicable requirements and signed by TECOMET Srl;
  • compliance with the quality requirements set by the mandatory and/or internal standards, in carrying out the activities and guaranteeing their continuous improvement, for the purposes of technological and managerial competitiveness;
  • applying the logic of risk based thinking for each process, hence introducing greater flexibility in the organization capable of identifying the causes of problems and promptly adopting the measures necessary to solve/reduce them;
  • defining customers' needs through a careful contractual evaluation, identifying the most appropriate and advantageous solutions for both through the improvement of corporate capacity;
  • offering individual and organizational learning opportunities through continuous updating and increase of technical skills;
  • spreading the issues of quality and safety through appropriate information actions towards all staff to increase their awareness, involvement and accountability;
  • promoting cooperation among the various company resources, collaboration during consulting activities and with the external bodies commissioned;
  • adopting personal protection equipment in the workshop as required by laws and regulations applicable to the risks;
  • improving internal and external communication via information aimed at promoting a constant and stable interconnection between the organization, collaborators and customers;
  • commitments to refining proposals for developing products/services at competitive costs within defined and limited time-frames in order to retain and increase the number of customers;
  • procuring the goods and services required from qualified suppliers and collaborators, who can guarantee an adequate level of performance in terms of price - quality - timing;
  • making available and maintaining the infrastructure required for proper works execution;
  • carefully managing any non-compliance, reports and complaints;
  • constantly keeping the organisation under control via the verification of the quality management system recommended in the reference standard UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015;
  • achieving ongoing improvements in business processes, increasing the efficiency and the added value of individual activities, through a systematic maintenance of a dynamic quality management system.

Every year the management formulate objectives and targets for continuous improvement of quality performance, communicating them to all interested parties, which will be applied to all activities, processes and services of TECOMET S.r.l., according to the market logic.

Management undertakes to make available human, instrumental and economic resources to pursue the improvement objectives by promoting any measure aimed at protecting the health of human resources, both in the management of headquarters activities, and in the content of  services provided, and which consider environmental problems among the basic requirements.

Management undertakes to set up suitable communication channels to ensure that the Quality Policy is instituted within the company at all levels. All TECOMET S.r.l. staff (internal and external) are required to act in accordance with the principles described in this policy, as disseminated and illustrated.

It is the Management's duty to review and update the contents of this Quality Policy, in order to ensure its constant suitability to changes in external conditions and internal strategies.

Forlì, 30/10/17

The President