Our values & mission

At the base of a business reality as efficient as Tecomet, these are important values, not just to be shared by the members, but by all the staff:

  • Seriousness of the team and the consolidation of the relationship of trust with the client.Every agreement made is scrupulously respected, without delay, with regard to deadlines and abiding by the agreement.
  • Attention to the competence of the staff and the quality of the product, both functionally and aesthetically.
  • Importance of the person. Within Tecomet, any employee or contractor is first and foremost a person, whose individuality and ideas are given importance.
  • Attention to safety regulations.Full compliance with the relevant legislation (Legislative Decree 81/2008), both in the workshop and in the various sites, it is an indispensable characteristic of all Tecomet work.
  • Attention to the price. In this period of economic downturn, Tecomet has implemented a process to maximize efficiency, which allows to minimize time and money wastage.

Like this, Tecomet is able to combine the quality of products with competitive prices. An orientation that makes these two elements the cornerstones of Tecomet's Mission.